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Client Relationship Management designed for

Professional Organizations


Investment Managers

Mergers and Acquisition Specialists

Business Brokers

Business Consultants

  • Client Relationships
    • Store all company and contact information, contracts, proposals
  • Research Tracking
    • Record research performed for the investment process
  • Business Process Management
    • Create & manage projects to organize client activities and deals
  • Intellectual Capital Management
    • Aggregate the collective knowledge and expertise of your professionals
  • Due Diligence
    • Comprehensive checklists help manage and track complex transactions
  • Staff Collaboration
    • Share valuable information quickly & securely with remote offices
  • Comprehensive Reporting
    • Activity and expense reports
  • Location Independence
    • Complete access to client information regardless of location
  • Data Importing
    • import financial data, property info, etc. from external sources

VIRTUALOFFICE service shares information quickly and easily between offices and home locations through our servers.

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